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Our clients have been asking us for years to come up with a service package that would save them money over the course of a year, and we listened and are offering this great package to help you cut down on the cost of your auto repairs.


So what’s in the package?


As you can see from the picture above, there are 12 items designed to help you cut the cost of your auto repairs. Everything from free oil changes (The only charge would be for tax, which the Govenr won't let us give away) to discounted repairs, and even a free towing service. All packaged in a convenient packet that you can keep in your glove box.


So what rules are there?

Not as many as you may think. You would need to bring the card in with you when you come in for repairs to be able to use it. All discounts are taken off of regular prices, so this card can't be used on any discounted, sale items or any other promotions we have at the time. And you can use as many blocks per visit as you want. “THAT’S RIGHT” as many blocks as you want to. So if you need your brakes repaired, and need to have your tires rotated and balanced, and also want to have your transmission flushed & filled, you can use all 3 items off of your Car Care Club card. We don’t restrict the amount, so use as many as you need to.

Ok so what’s the cost?

How about just $99.00. That’s right just $99.00. Basically you are paying for 3 oil changes up front and getting 1 oil change for free, plus all the other discounts. Based on the growing costs of auto repairs we estimate your savings to be around $415.00 after you have used all the blocks on the Car Care Club card. $415.00 savings for just an $99.00 investment, can you afford to pass this deal up?


Why are you offering this to me?

As I said at the beginning, my clients have been asking for this type of club for years, and I have been trying to come up with a way to help out the great clients that have given so much to us at Cobb Tire. This Car Club is the result of those two needs. In this day and age of big businesses running the mom and pops out of business, we know you have plenty of choices when deciding on automotive repairs, and we are grateful that you chose us at Cobb Tire. One of the last family owned and operated tire and automotive companies in the area.

Stop by or call if you need more information. The number to the downtown store is 232-8711, and the Wade Hampton store is 268-2588. The cards are available at both locations, so make plans to drop by and purchase one today.


Darrell Cobb

Cobb Tire & Service Inc